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Two Hands Review – A Sleek, High-Tech Solution to Fight Germs and Bacteria

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Practicing good hygiene these days is so important, especially when it comes to washing and sanitizing your hands.

The global pandemic has really highlighted just how important it is to fight back against germs and bacteria. At the same time, not everyone feels comfortable walking around with a bottle of hand sanitizer in their back pocket or their purse – and finding a bathroom space in public where you can still socially distance and scrub your hands is next to impossible, too.

But that’s where the To Hands sanitizing station comes into play.

A perfect combination of modern technology and tried and true sanitization solutions, you’ll never again have to worry about coming into contact (physically) with germs or bacteria while you are scrubbing them from your body in the first place.

A (nearly) touchless solution, this amazing little pod is engineered from top to bottom to help you sterilize and sanitize your hands, your arms, and anything else that you wand through its sanitation mists, making quick work of the process and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Super compact, super efficient, and far more useful than traditional soaps and hand sanitizer, you won’t have to worry about trying out your skin or having a negative reaction to those chemicals any longer, either.

Best of all, this cute little unit looks like something that the folks at Apple would have cooked up on their own. It’s a real modern looking convenience that should replace your sink side soap, one that not only improves your overall health and wellness but also a tool that is just a lot of fun to use as well!

Below we dig a little deeper into this Two Hands review to cover the ins and outs of everything this breakthrough technology has to offer.

Let’s get right into it!

What Exactly Is the Two Hands Sanitation Unit, Anyway?

Specifically designed to provide you with a much more consistent and reliable method of sanitization, this little pod – the Two Hands touchless hand sanitizer dispenser – is a radical new modern approach to washing and cleaning your hands.

Let’s start with the pod itself.

The Two Hands touchless hand sanitizer unit is small, sleek, sort of tubular unit that you can comfortably sit on your countertop or your bathroom sink without taking up much space at all.

Then, just by waving your hands over the top of the unit and triggering the sensor you’ll be able to spray a gentle mist of high quality hand sanitizer into the air, perfectly coating and covering your skin and killing germs at the same time.

Internal mechanisms also allow you to use induction technology to superheat that mist, taking advantage not only of the chemical properties of hand sanitizer to make sure that you are staying healthy and hygienic but also using a blast of heat to kill those germs as well.

The hand sanitization dispenser itself can be filled and refilled with all of your favorite sanitizing solutions. The unique approach to turning the liquid solution into a mist allows it to be a lot less harsh on your body than might have been otherwise, too.

How Does Two Hands Work?

As highlighted above, this unit uses induction technology to heat and warm traditional liquid hand sanitizer solutions (including ones available commercially or solutions that you make yourself at home) before misting it into the air just above the unit itself.

This spray comes out a little bit under pressure, not too much that it would shoot it onto your ceiling but enough to completely cover and protect your hands as you wave them across the unit itself.

The unique delivery mechanism guarantees that the hand sanitizer itself is distributed 100% equally, too. You don’t have to worry about missing spots on your hands, you don’t have to worry about killing most of the germs but not all of them, and you don’t have to worry about your skin drying out because of overexposure to the sometimes harsh chemicals and alcohol would most hand sanitizers in the first place.

Instead, you get an effortless way to release that spray of hand sanitizer into the mist without ever having to touch the unit itself.

This is such a big deal because of how many germs are transferred through contacting the area around our sink including hand sanitizer bottles themselves.

A lot of people are absolutely unaware of the fact that they almost always expose themselves to more germs immediately after washing their hands than they ever would have thought possible. This is, after all, when our skin is most vulnerable and we are talking about areas around the sink that are usually pretty humid, pretty hot and breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

The second you start touching the same hand sanitizer, sink valves, etc. that everyone else has been touching is the moment that you start to expose yourself to those bacteria and issues as well.

Thankfully, with the help of this 100% touchless and hands-free unit (after you have set up, of course) you’ll never have to worry about subjecting yourself to that kind of exposure. That’s a big part of what makes the Two Hands so special.

Two Hands Tech Specs and Features

The heartbeat of the Two Hands has to be the inclusion of the induction technology built right into this Two Hands touchless hand sanitizer dispenser.

Unlike a lot of other and sanitizer options that use pump actions or something similar to disperse a liquid or gel sanitizing solution, the Two Hands touchless hand sanitizer unit takes a radically different approach all together.

Using that induction technology, it produces a Two Hands hand sanitizer mist that analyzes and sprays that sanitizer under pressure up into the air above your hands. Then, as the droplets settle back on your skin they dispersed evenly across your hands – allowing you to scrub, clean, and sanitize your hands all at once without having to touch anything at all and potentially risk contamination.

That’s tough to beat!

The Two Hands reviews are very positive about this approach, and for good reason. It allows you to stay free and clear of potential contaminants, it perfectly and uniformly distributes the hand sanitizer your cleaning with, and it is so much more convenient, too.

This delivery mechanism also makes things a lot easier on your skin as you aren’t over exposing yourself to potentially harsh chemicals or a lot of alcohol on a regular basis.

Lastly, the ultraviolet light technology folded inside of the unit works to kill off other forms of bacteria and viruses that might have been resistant to traditional sanitizers. This creates a real knockout punch kind of effect that’s impossible to beat.

It’s not hard to feel a lot cleaner (to live a lot healthier) with the help of a Two Hands unit, that’s for sure.

Who Should Use the Two Hands Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

There are a lot of people out there that could make use of the Two Hands unit, especially those that aren’t all that comfortable using traditional soaps, hand sanitizers, and other personal hygiene solutions that haven’t proved to be as effective as most people hoped.

These little units are super small and compact and can comfortably sit on your personal bathroom counter, kitchen counter, or any other flat space (near your desk at home, for example) without much trouble at all.

The Two Hands hand sanitizer mist hardware is also small enough and discrete enough that you could comfortably use it at work without any issue, too. You could leave it at your desk for personal usage only or put it in the break room or the bathroom at the office for everyone to share.

If you’re serious about your health and hygiene, especially in these crazy times, it’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with all that the Two Hands dispenser brings to the table.

What Separates the Two Hands Dispenser from the Rest of the Pack?

The number one thing that separates the Two Hands from the rest of the pack has to be its reliance on atomization and induction technology to distribute the hand sanitizing solution itself.

This is not your traditional and sanitizing station, that’s for sure.

Instead of using gravity for pump mechanics to distribute liquid or gel sanitizer, this unit instead heats and advises and then distributes the sanitizer vertically through a quick spray of mist. This provides for much more controlled, much more consistent, and much more uniform distribution – all producing better results while using less hand sanitizer along the way.

Mix in the ultraviolet light components and it’s not hard to see why there are so many people switching to the Two Hands unit and writing very favorable Two Hands reviews, either.

Where Can I Buy Two Hands?

The only place you’ll be able purchase the Two Hands unit right now (officially, anyway) is directly from the distributor themselves. You’ll want to go right to the source to not only get a 100% legitimate Two Hands unit, but you’ll also want to do so to save the most amount of money possible.

By cutting out the middleman entirely, the folks behind the Two Hands are able to help you save quite a bit of money. It’s a little bit of an inconvenience to only be able to purchase this through the distributor themselves online, but thanks to fast (and affordable) shipping is no longer that big of a deal.


  • Highly efficient delivery mechanism high-quality hand sanitizer
  • Induction technology improves the effectiveness of traditional sanitizers significantly
  • Ultraviolet light destroys
  • bacteria, germs, and viruses that might have otherwise been resistant to sanitizer alone

  • Runs off of battery-powered, 100% wireless
  • 100% touchless nature eliminates contact exposure to germs and bacteria
  • Super sleek, modern design available in a variety of different colors


  • Have to order directly from the distributor
  • Relatively small hand sanitizer reservoir
  • Some questions about the longevity of the unit just because it’s so new

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, there’s obviously a lot to like when it comes to the Two Hands unit itself.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on a new hand sanitizing solution because you’re unhappy with the way those little pump bottles work (or even the little bottles that you can carry around), you’ll want to check out the Two Hands ASAP.

Not only is the Two Hands going to help you save money on hand sanitizer going forward but it’s also going to help prevent your hands from drying out with overexposure to our sanitizers, too.

Have a look at the Two Hands touchless hand sanitizer today. You won’t be disappointed!

Click here to Get your Two Hands!

September 29, 2020


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BEST CHOICE 2023 Two Hands Review – A Sleek, High-Tech Solution to Fight Germs and Bacteria
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