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A T8+ Smart Language Translator, and Really, That’s All Your Trip Needs

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Handheld translator devices   seem to be everywhere nowadays . Most of my friends are travelers, like me, so of course, they’ve told me all sorts of things about these devices . They keep mentioning names like Muama Enence or ili, but I wanted to pick my own before going on a trip. The one I picked, T8+, became my personal favorite.

Why Did I Buy a T8+ Translator?

I will eventually get to why I think T8+ is one of the best translators out there. For now, let’s get my personal reasons out of the way first.

Gadgets are a dime a dozen , in every field. Now, everyone who sells gadgets will tell you why their product is the best and why you should choose that product over better-rated ones. But I don’t like that. I prefer to buy a gadget that gives me that gut feeling of ‘yeah, this will do.’

It doesn’t always work out for the best, but at least I know that I have nobody to blame but myself. T8+ was the device that appealed to me the most, so I took it. And, like many translators on the market today  , it worked well.

Then there’s the name . I have a soft spot for products that evoke nostalgia. Now, what kind of nostalgia does a product with the name T8+ evoke? Well, it reminded me of the Terminator. It’s odd, I know, but the little device’s name made me think that I owned a small robot from the future that could take over at any moment. It might not be a T1000 , but it’s a neat little T8+ .

Finally, there’s the price. I wanted to buy a translation device that wouldn’t annihilate my house budget. Luckily, T8+ wasn’t that expensive.

Why Else Did You Buy a T8+ Translator?

OK, this is where I get into specifics. First of all, T8+ is fully compatible with my smartphone. I’m an Android user, so all I needed to do is download the app and install it. The device itself connects via Bluetooth, but it also has a 2.4G wireless connection. It’s similar in size to the TT Easy Trans Smart Translation Device. Easy to carry, portable, and convenient.

Next, there’s the size. It amazes me that so many of these translators are that small. It’s like carrying a miniature dictaphone everywhere . I love any gadget that doesn’t take up room — something I can take literally anywhere. It’s no bigger than my actual phone.

Finally, there’s the performance. I love how quickly and expertly the T8+ translates a sentence. I think it’s really important that ANY translator you use translates instantly. Real time translation devices are the most useful when traveling because you are always on the go.

I even tried some more complex constructions, and it didn’t muck up. There were a few minor hiccoughs, but overall, it did well.

Its battery also has a long life, which is a must for people who are often on the road, like me or planning a long trip. I can’t recharge it that often, so it’s good to know that it will run for a few days before it needs a boost.

Languages of T8+

The T8+ portable translator can handle 40 different languages. That’s about as many as Muama Enence can handle, and a bit fewer than what other commercial translators out there offer. The list of languages is as follows:

  • Chinese (Simplified, Cantonese, Traditional-Taiwan)
  • English (Chinglish, UK, US, Australian, Hinglish)
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • French (Standard, Canadian)
  • German
  • Spanish (Standard, Mexican)
  • Thai
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Portuguese (Standard, Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Arabic (International, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Swedish
  • Hindi (Indian)
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • Ukrainian
  • Slovak
  • Norwegian
  • Catalan
  • Croatian

Where Did You Use the T8+ Translator?

As I stated earlier, I have a group of friends who are traveling enthusiasts, like me. Each year, we try to visit as many countries as possible . It doesn’t matter how long we stay or where we go, as long as it’s outside of the US.

This year, I wanted to test the capabilities of the T8+ translation device, so I visited quite a few places. The rule was that I had to spend at least two days  in one place, and I had to be outside for at least ten consecutive hours . The results of these trips are down below.

Trip #1: Sweden

I always liked the Nordic countries. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve been at least ten times to Norway alone. But I didn’t have a lot of time or money to stay longer than one weekend in January, so I stayed in Stockholm, Sweden.

Of course, Swedish people speak English fluently. In fact, most Nordic people have a good grasp of the language . However, I didn’t want T8+ to go to waste, so I managed to talk one couple into helping me test the device’s upper limits .

We sat at a restaurant and started talking — me in English, they in Swedish. The device didn’t stumble until we began to slur our words  and use different, thick accents .

While we were there, we tried the photo recognition option on the menus and one local newspaper. Aside from minor spelling and grammar mistakes , the T8+ performed well across the board.

Trip #2: Thailand

There’s something sensual about visiting Southeast Asia. Once again, I had a weekend to spend there, so I chose the most obvious destination — Bangkok. This time, I had more chances to really test the device because Thai folk aren’t fluent in English .

However, just like their neighbors in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia, they love seeing new and interesting tech . Once I started using T8+, people were literally approaching me on the streets to have a go at it. I was lucky I wasn’t robbed then and there.

The T8+ didn’t make any significant mistakes in Bangkok. I asked for a cab several times, and I bought some vegetables at the market. Every single time I used it, it performed the job well.

Trip #3: Brazil

During my week in Porto Alegre, I took my T8+ absolutely everywhere. I think the greatest test I performed was at a nightclub . I wanted to see how well the T8+ could cancel out any outside noise. To my surprise, it was still an effective translator! It also helped me get a date, but that’s a story for another time.

I also used T8+ in museums and a few official buildings. Luckily, the device has volume control, so I wasn’t kicked out for making any noise. At one point, I even used it to help an elderly German couple find the bathroom.

Does the T8+ Have Any Flaws?

After testing it out, I have to say that all of the flaws the T8+ has are minimal. For example, its biggest issue is that it doesn’t work offline. Sure, I can use it when my smartphone is charged, but once the phone battery goes out, I can’t do anything with the T8+.

Of course, the benefits of the T8+ instant translator outweigh all its flaws. I’d recommend it to anyone , from businessmen to tourists, and even people who want to start learning a new language. It’s honestly that good.


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