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Professions that Might Find an Instant Translation Device Useful

Usually, when people talk about language translator devices , they weigh their pros and cons in regard to travel. Yet, these devices can do a whole lot more than just help a tourist or two. In fact, there are quite a few businesses and professions that would benefit from using a handheld pocket translator.

The Need for Portable Translation

As it stands, we live in a world that is getting smaller and smaller  thanks to modern technology. It wasn’t that long ago that we got our first multinational corporations with offices in countries across all six permanently inhabited continents. As an example, let’s look at the tech giant from Japan, Sony .

As of 2019, Sony has headquarters in 31 countries, with the main office in Tokyo. If we look at its European headquarters alone, we’ll see that they’re in countries with vastly different languages. Sony’s representatives in Spain might not understand their colleagues from Croatia, Norway, Hungary, Greece, or Germany unless they all speak English.

And that’s just the European countries. What would happen if they were to converse with Sony representatives in, say, the United Arab Emirates? Or Hong Kong? Once again, unless they speak a second language, it would be almost impossible.

But let’s take this a step further. What if Sony wanted to branch out into some parts of the world where English isn’t spoken by the majority of inhabitants , like the Middle East? Not knowing the language could set them back for years and make them lose a lot of money , not to mention a whole new market.

No matter how we look at it, a real-time translator device would definitely come in handy in these situations. With that in mind, let’s go over all of the professions that could benefit from an instant translator device .

Business Start-Ups

Last year, Forbes put out an article talking about the benefits of using a translation device to break into the foreign market. Most of the points the article hit ring true today, as well.

If we want our business to succeed, we need to think locally AND globally. When it comes to local growth, it’s all about quality SEO content and decent link building. But international client s don’t have the same sensibilities that our immediate clients do. They can have widely different world views and uphold different values . In addition, their work ethic might not coincide with our own if we want to hire internationally.

For that reason, a language translation device would come in handy. We could get our words across to foreign partners even if neither one of us speaks the same language . In fact, the more translation technology grows, the easier it will be for us to relax and use our natural vocabulary. That way, the algorithm will adapt any jargon or idiom to its foreign language equivalent.

Businesses with a History

It’s not just new businesses that can benefit from portable translators. Older business  people with decades of experience can step up their game even further than before with these gadgets. It’s the perfect blend of industry know-how and modern tech. And the best part is that anyone in the company hierarchy can use it.

Accountants can get through their work quickly, secretaries can take detailed, precise messages from international clients, and so on. Even CEOs benefit from real-time translators! Many professionals use the MUAMA Enence for meetings and conferences for real time translations. Imagine running a massive company with hundreds of thousands of employees. You can’t exactly find the time to learn new languages. But a small, portable device that can translate for you will save you time and money. Pocket translators are useful and can help you become a better communicator with your work acquaintances. Even better — it will earn you money in the long run.

The Service Industry and Its Affiliates

It goes without saying that anyone working in tourism will find a good a portable translator quite useful. For example, a restaurateur or a bar owner in a popular tourist spot can’t speak every language out there. So if an Austrian barkeep has two customers from China, three from Moldova, eight from Sudan, and one from Nauru, he would definitely need something to understand them all.

Really, any industry or business related to tourism should take advantage of handheld translators. A saleswoman in a shopping mall can sell her products quickly and efficiently. The barber from downtown can explain to his customers how he’ll cut the hair without knowing a word of their language. Souvenir vendors can make a lot of money just by describing an item so well that it sounds good in any language, not just in theirs. In addition, customers will come back to the same store every chance they get. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Law Enforcement and Medicine

Multiethnic cities  have a lot of bad neighborhoods. A situation might arise where the victim doesn’t speak the mother tongue of the country. Alternatively, we could have a situation where the police officer  isn’t too fluent in the language. Once we perfect translation technology, we can literally use it to save lives.

Speaking of saving lives, a decent translation device might help a doctor or a paramedic  in the future. Once again, a situation might occur where an injured person doesn’t speak the doctor’s language. But with a translation device, they can explain what’s wrong with them, and the doctor can tell them what needs to be done next — all of that without any of them speaking a common tongue!

Language Tutors and Professional Linguists

Interestingly enough, even people who teach languages for a living can find a few good uses for translation devices.

We know that learning a new language takes time . It’s also important to note that a portable language translator can’t replace a real-life English teacher . But that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Far from it, in fact; an English teacher can use one such device as a learning aid.

For example, they can try it with low-level students of all ages. Most of these devices contain everyday phrases and sentences, and they are all pronounced fluently. With them, students can learn firsthand what a sentence in the target language sounds like.

But it’s not just teachers that can use portable translators. Professional linguists  , which can be helpful when we’re studying how language works and develops.

The same goes for translation devices and how they operate. Since these gadgets get regular updates, linguists can learn how language changes in real time and what trends are popular.

What About Other Professions?

Honestly, literally anyone, from any walk of life, can benefit from a language translator device. We’re talking garbage cleaners, street vendors, botanists, yoga instructors, elevator repairmen  — every single one of them, and more. After all, these devices are inexpensive, lightweight, portable, and easy to use. And with each year, they keep getting better and better . So, in short, any and all professions can use them, and more importantly, should.

September 7, 2020


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