Portable Language Translator Devices Reviews

Compact, portable, sleek design
User friendly
Over 40 languages to choose from

I, like so many others on this green Earth of ours, love to travel. In fact, I try to visit at least two foreign countries a year. If I’m...

Translates instantly in real time
Discreet, sleek design for easy traveling
Easy to use

I got TT Easy Trans a few months ago. It looked beautiful, but I honestly wasn’t sure it was going to work. A few trips and dozens upon dozens...

Long battery life (continuous up to 4 hours, standby up to 120 hours)
Compact design that’s smaller than a smartphone
Compatible with any translation engine (Microsoft, Google, Baidu, etc.)

As a businessman, I have to travel abroad quite often. Back in the day, I used to go alone, but since a few years ago, my wife started accompanying...

Fully compatible with most smartphones
User friendly and easy navigation
Fast and accurate translation

Handheld translator devices   seem to be everywhere nowadays . Most of my friends are travelers, like me, so of course, they’ve told me all sorts of things about these devices ....

Small and compact design for easy and hassle free traveling
Translates up to 41 languages
Instant translation in real time

Getting the Layopo language translator device was probably the best decision I made  this year. Not only did it save me time and money I would’ve spent on learning...