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InHeat Reviews: Keep Your Drinks Hot and Your Battery Full

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Recently, I decided to look into some of the latest technology trends, and one particular device stood out to me the most: the InHeat USB cup warmer. On the website, it said that this device could keep my favorite beverages hot and charge my phone at the same time.

And I’m not referring to the ‘untangle the wires and hope you come across a free electrical outlet’ kind of charging. The InHeat coffee mug warmer operates on wireless Qi-charging. This means that you can charge your phone’s battery anywhere — literally. Plus, it is compatible with most smartphones that operate on either iOS or Android systems.

For someone who has to constantly run from one place to another, this appeared to be the perfect choice for me. My thought process for buying the InHeat mug warmer and phone charger was something along the lines of, This might actually be one of those things that I never even knew I needed. And now that I have been using it for some time, I make sure not to go anywhere without it.

If you are anything like me, but you haven’t bought the InHeat coffee cup warmer and wireless charger yet, then you are probably just as interested as I was to find out what all the fuss is about. Luckily for you, I have decided to test this product, evaluate it, and share my honest opinion.

What I gathered from other InHeat reviews was that most customers seemed quite happy with the product. Now that you are about to read mine, you should gain a better perspective on the device and its features.

What Is InHeat?

InHeat is a product that is difficult to describe in just a few words. To put it as simply as possible, this is a multi-purpose cup warmer that can also charge your phone. However, there are way more benefits to it than just that.

We live in a technology-driven age, so new, rather innovative products are being invented on a regular basis. Thanks to the InHeat USB cup warmer, you can enjoy your morning breakfast or afternoon lunch in both comfort and style. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery.

But what is it that really sets this product apart? Well, let’s find out:

Wireless Qi-Charging

Qi, pronounced as chee, is a wireless power charger technology that was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The InHeat coffee cup warmer uses inductive charging in order to keep your drinks warm and your battery full.

Compatible With iOS and Android

Whether you are more of a Samsung type or you prefer iPhones over any other smartphones, the charging pad does not work for just one brand. It will restore batteries on both Android and iOS devices.

Effortless Design

The device’s simple yet elegant design is not only aesthetically pleasing. In fact, if it were designed only to look pretty, then it wouldn’t stand out on the market at all. Fortunately, the quality and the use of materials are just as appealing. The device doesn’t only look good on the outside.

Does InHeat Work?

InHeat definitely works, but I had some doubts before it arrived. Although InHeat reviews are mostly positive, I wondered whether this multi-purpose cup warmer is going to live up to its impressive claims.

My main concerns were centered around durability. I was slightly skeptical about the statement the brand made on its website, claiming that the device could actually keep my cup warm and charge my phone at the same time.

To be completely honest, a part of me thought that this was the kind of product that would work properly on the first try only. After that, I would have to recharge it constantly or just use one function at a time.

Almost three months have passed since my InHeat coffee cup warmer and wireless charger arrived. And, to my pleasant surprise, it is still working just as well as it did the first time I used it. Not once has it suddenly stopped heating or charging, run out of battery too fast, or failed to recognize my smartphone. In fact, I haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever.

InHeat Pros and Cons

Just like everything else in this world, this product has both good and bad sides. Plus, everyone is different. You might end up enjoying the InHeat mug warmer just as much as I do, or find it completely useless.

Even though there are a lot of positive InHeat reviews out there, you still might not end up liking it. It really depends on your style and the kind of person you are. Nevertheless, I have gathered some pros and cons that I think any potential buyer would be interested in:


You Can Take It With You and Use It Anywhere

Thanks to its wireless Qi-charging technology, you can restore your phone’s battery no matter where you choose to go. Whether you have been planning a day out in a nature reserve, a study session at the library, or even just expecting a busy day at work, you can always count on the InHeat to provide you with a nice, warm drink and charge your phone.

It Is Easy to Use

One of the aspects that I enjoy the most when it comes to this product is that it is extremely practical. The setup itself doesn’t even take a full minute. All I need to do is take it out of my bag and connect it with the USB cable so that it can start charging my phone and heating my cup. It really is as simple as that!

It Has Built-In Sensors

Another important factor is that it is made of high-quality materials and safe to use. Once you have removed your cup from the heating pad, it starts to cool down slowly. But even if you forget to turn it off and you’ve already left the house, there is no need for you to run back. This product has a built-in switch that will prevent objects from getting too hot. In addition to that, it will automatically enter standby mode after eight hours.


It Is a Lot to Carry

Unless you already have one, you may need to purchase a larger bag. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to fit all of the components of this device. Even though the InHeat operates on wireless charging technology, there is still the entire set to carry around. This includes the cup, the cup warmer, the USB cable, and the charging pad.

It Only Works With Qi-Enabled Phones

Even though Qi has become a standard feature for most modern smartphones, not all of them have it. Also, it only works with Android and iOS operating systems. This can definitely be a dealbreaker for some people.

Final Verdict

I hope that my InHeat review has been useful to you and that you now have a better understanding of all the benefits that this product comes with. The InHeat cup warmer and phone charger is a truly practical gadget to own, not to mention a remarkable piece of technology. Plus, it doesn’t require much maintenance, apart from cleaning and making sure that the components are intact.

To top it all off, the brand has gone the extra mile to provide its customers with some peace of mind. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that should put new customers at ease. In a nutshell, the refund policy allows you to explore the product’s various features, and if you are not happy with it, you can easily request to get a full refund. Keep in mind, though, that you need to send it back no later than 30 days after it arrives.

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September 29, 2020


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