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Barx Buddy Review – Dog Owners Read Up On The Facts to Decide For Yourself

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Is Ultrasonic Sound Therapy Harmful to Your Pooch?

Training your dog can be stressful. Especially when they’re still a puppy. But these are their most essential dog years. Just like any child, they can pick up habits, which could stay with them for the rest of their lives and mold them into a perfect pup or destructive dog.

Barx Buddy aims to help one of these common habits: barking. Now, don’t think you can start using Barx Buddy on your dog, and they stop barking forever. You wouldn’t want that! Barking is a necessity for dogs. It’s how they communicate with their owners and other animals. But when does barking become excessive? When does barking do more harm than good? Can Barx Buddy actually help your dog control their barking?

I ordered the Barx Buddy bark stopper device to test out on my dog, Bambi. Bambi is a chihuahua/pug mix. Although she is small in size, she can get quite vocal with her barking! But what does her barking mean?

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Barking Out Of Control:

  • Territorial
  • Protection
  • Alarm
  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Greeting
  • Playfulness
  • Attention
  • Separation Anxiety

Dogs use barking as a way to vocally communicate. When humans speak, we use volume and only repeat ourselves if we feel like we are not being heard. For dogs, it is quite similar. When Bambi needs to get a message across she uses more volume and even aggressiveness.

After reading many Barx Buddy reviews online, I decided to order one and try it out for myself. I’ve only heard of ultrasonic sound therapy, but have never used it. Typically, this is delivered in the form of a dog whistle. If you’re thinking about getting the Barx Buddy pet trainer for your dog, you can order one here on their official website.

What Exactly is Ultrasonic Sound Therapy?

Did you know a dog’s sense of hearing is four times higher than a human? When Barx Buddy emits ultrasonic sound, it is at a frequency above normal sounds that a human can hear. I often used to wonder if this is harmful to a dog’s eardrums or overall health. One satisfied customer left a Barx Buddy review that said her dog “didn’t seem to mind the noise”…”he became more alert and automatically looked at me for further directions, its like he knew I wanted him to do something, he just didn’t know what.”

When my very own Barx Buddy bark stopper finally arrived I was excited to see if it really worked! To test it out, I took Bambi out for a walk near a park where I knew children would be playing. Bambi absolutely loves children, but she frightens them at times because of her excessive barking. I know her barking is playful at the time, but for a little child, it could come off as startling or even scary.

As we started approaching the park, I could already feel Bambi tugging on the leash. She was getting worked up just from the sound of the children playing. At first, I allowed her to bark a few times because it didn’t seem too loud. But as the barking got louder and she began tugging on the leash even more, I turned on the Barx Buddy and she immediately stopped! She sat down beside me and looked up at me with a confused look on her face. I then gave her a treat and a few scratches behind her ear to let her know I was happy.

We did this routine everyday for a week, and eventually she stopped barking whenever we passed by the park. I was very happy with the Barx Buddy results! It was even better than I expected!

During the week of using the Barx Buddy ultrasonic training device, I noticed positive results in Bambi’s behaviour:

  • She was more calm
  • More attentive
  • Obedient
  • Frequently waited for me to give her verbal directions
  • Happier when she realized she was doing something good
  • Easier to train
  • Overall better behaviour

Because barking is such a natural habit, it could take time and a lot of patience to train your dog to bark less. Before testing out the Barx Buddy pet trainer, I did attempt other techniques with less effective results:

  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Yelling
  • Ignoring
  • Keeping her active
  • Taking food away

How to Use Barx Buddy

If you decide that Barx Buddy is for you, follow these steps to easily begin training your dog:

  • When your dog starts barking excessively, point the device towards your dog
  • Activate the device by pressing the ‘ON’ button
  • Turn the switch on to ‘I’ mode
  • When your dog calms down, you may turn the device off
  • NOTE: Barx Buddy works up to 50 feet away

The Barx Buddy also has a flashlight feature to get a dog’s attention or help you find your way in the dark. This device can also be used to keep aggressive dogs away by turning it onto ‘II’ mode. This will create a different sound that is unpleasing to a dog and give them a warning to back off. Although the sound is unpleasant, it is still not harmful to the dog.

Where Can I Get Barx Buddy?

You can order Barx Buddy today on their official website. When I ordered mine, there was a special discount and I got mine for 50% off. They frequently have amazing deals. Right now, you can get:

50% off 1 (from $80 to $39.95)

56% off 2 (from $160 to $69.95)

60% off 3 (from $240 to $94.94)

64% off 4 (from $320 to $114.95)

What’s great is that there is a 30 day guarantee. So there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Click here to Get your BarxBuddy!

September 30, 2020


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Barx Buddy Review - Dog Owners Read Up On The Facts to Decide For Yourself - Wchandyfest
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BEST CHOICE 2023 Barx Buddy Review – Dog Owners Read Up On The Facts to Decide For Yourself
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